Tuesday, December 22, 2015

At today's all-day Christmas party for all 200+ missionaries in the Washington Tacoma Mission, the dozen senior missionaries sang this song. All the young missionaries jumped to their feet at the end of the first chorus and gave a rhythmatic clap throughout the rest of the song and then gave us a near never-ending applause.

The song is to the tune of “Called To Serve” which, of course, is the mission’s theme song and sung at every missionary meeting. It's done incredibly fast and loud, staccato-style, with the first two beginning lines being done acapella. And we punch the air with our right fist when the chorus sings “For.”

We the Seniors who are getting older
Left our canes and rocking chairs behind,
New responsibilities to shoulder
Challenges of every kind.

Seniors make a difference
in the world right here and now.
Seniors make a difference
and we're here to show you how.
For decades we have labored
and we've shed blood, sweat, and tears.
Youth of Zion rise, pay homage
to the wisdom of our years!

We the Seniors of a royal army
Called to serve in lands both far and near,
Leaving homes and all our friends and family
And a comfort zone so dear.


We the Seniors of a noble birthright
Here to represent our Lord and King,
As we labor with our heart and might
Precious souls to Him we bring.


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