Saturday, January 9, 2016

Tonight we had the privilege, since we work with the Young Single Adults, of attending a special fireside for YSAs from ten stakes with the guest speaker being Apostle Renlund.  His humor and common-sense advice simply added to the spirituality of the meeting.  The whole two hours was devoted to answering questions from the young people--some were pretty tough, some very interesting,  It was awesome!  (One side note:  Sister Center and I were fortunate enough to be sitting in the row he walked down.  So we all stood up as he and his wife stopped to shake hands with each of us.  Seeing Sister Center's missionary badge, he asked the normal question, "Where are you serving from?"  Now I would have answered, Littleton, Colorado or Denver.  Not so Loralee.  When shaking her hand and asking where she was serving from, she not so calmly replied, "Ah--er--oh--wa--um--huh!"  Not nervous were you dear!  He did thank her for her service and when I told him how much we loved serving the YSAs, he said, "They keep you young don't they?")

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