Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I am most apprehensive about going on this mission.  No, let me be honest—I am scared to death.  And can’t understand why.  Certainly, I have faced far greater, far tougher challenges in my life.  So why…? Maybe it’s old age!  (Other thoughts?)


  1. I drive by a billboard every day that reads "everything you want is on the other side of fear."
    Dad you are so understanding of people. You'll be a fantastic missionary. Love these people unconditionally like you are good at. In life we don't have time to focus on other people and their problems and their families. This is your chance as I see it. Accept them wherever they are and truly help them with what thier needs are and they will open up to you. You probably won't have to cut any arms off but you will protect people from whatever demons they have around them.

  2. Another thought... This is a very scary world we live in. One thing about the church that I love... Any time the missionaries come over or my visiting teachers they bring such a good spirit with them. It is comforting and makes me feel safe.
    My dad the ghost buster.