Monday, March 30, 2015

Sorry--my blog has been down cause when we moved they messed everything up.  Too bad because there was a lot I wanted to say as we went along--left MTC--traveled to Washington State--moved in and started our mission.  It seems to be working fine now so I'll go on from here as time permits.

We jumped right into "it."  Found out the YSA were having a talent show Friday night so we got here early to attend that.  Fun---got to know a few people.  Moved in and started to unpack Saturday--will take a few days ta least.  Sunday attended YSA ward--quite different with no kids or teens and young adults as RS and Elders Quorum presidents and ward mission leader.  They did a fine job--everyone very friendly.  They had Loralee and I introduce each other--let's just say that was interesting and had some funny parts.

Know we'll love it here!

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