Friday, April 3, 2015

Week and a half at the MTC—busy, informative, friendly people, exhausting, but not very uplifting I’m afraid.

1st week in Tacoma—busy, informative, friendly people, exhausting, I’m sick with the crud, not very uplifting I’m afraid.

Ah, now—already—my mission has been worth it!!!

“T” or transfer day—wow—what a moving experience.  Picture this:  300 young missionaries about 15% sisters gathered in the stake parking lot chatting and enjoying each other’s company.  Then into the chapel—sisters sitting down front—then Elders—finally six senior missionary couples including us on the back row.  In the overflow probably 20-30 people—recent converts, etc. of the missionaries going home.

Then it becomes sacredly silence, all stand as about 22 missionaries march in and take their seats on the rostrum—these are those who are getting released today and going home. 

After traditional opening, all again stand and loudly, fervently recite D&C 4, the Mission statement, and the Mission motto.

Then the “greenies”—new missionaries, one by one, are assigned to their senior companion/trainer and each are welcomed with a brief “crazy & hilarious” skit.

This is followed by all the missionaries standing and doing their own stirring version of “Amazing Grace” not a dry eye in the place.

For the next hour those going home bear their testimonies mixed in with various musical numbers—again so very moving.

Finally, everyone stands and link arms around shoulders singing all verses of “God Be With You Till We Meet Again.”

If my mission were to end today—I can honestly say I’ve been uplifted into the clouds.

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