Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Monday…..10:30 am Teach Institute—Doctrine & Covenants—at Pacific Lutheran University*                        7:00 pm YSA Family Home Evening**

Tuesday……6:00 pm Institute Correlation Meeting       7:00 pm Institute*

Wednesday..10:00 am Teach Institute—Doctrine & Covenants—at Pacific Lutheran University*
                        7:00 pm Institute*

Thursday……7:00 pm Teach 90 minute Institute class*—a 60 minute Pathways class follows*          

Friday………Noon Friday Forum—w/complete meal*       7:00 pm Ward, YSA, or Stake Activity**

Saturday……Daytime “p” day (preparation)—laundry, cleaning, ironing, shopping, and so forth       Evenings occasional ward, YSA, or stake activity**

Sunday……..9:45 PEC or Ward Council—11:00-2:00 block meeting       Fast Sunday potluck dinner**

Other………At least one other meeting a week—mission, YSA, etc.

*We supply (shop, cook, bake, serve, set-up & take-down) treats, etc. for 6-60 YSA depending on the event (and can they eat!).

**We assist with whatever needs are required.

-Our charge is to get acquainted with every YSA—over 200—so we can assist in counseling them in a one-on-one setting.

-We also are given specific assignments from getting cars for the young missionaries to other confidential things we’re not suppose to talk about.  It may seem we have a lot of free time but what with preparing lessons, food, and such—we’re kept pretty busy. 

(Our mission president told us one of our most important functions is to show these young people what a truly happy marriage is—no problem there as Loralee and I have been holding hands since the day we met!)

{Everyone is so friendly—YSA are great although remembering names is a bid difficult.  We have some students, a few military but mostly just working YSA’s.  We attend the YSA ward—probably 75 in sacrament each week.  We know we’re supposed to be in this very assignment in this very place at this very time!}

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