Thursday, June 18, 2015

June 17th—Today all the missionaries in our zone, about 60 Elders, 20 Sisters, and six senior couples traveled into the woods of the Kitsap Peninsula to “Zion’s Camp”, a large rustic area with cabins, obstacle sites, and a beautiful lake.  In the am they broke into groups and spent time rotating from one obstacle site to another.  They had a blast.  Then the senior missionaries fixed and served them a nice lunch and after that they all changed into their nice clothes and had a training/ testimony session.

If you want to feel The Spirit “WATAC” style (Washington Tacoma Mission),  just listen to the missionaries rendition of their theme songs “Called To Serve” and “Battle Hymn of the Republic” at meetings like this.  Standing, the powerful enthusiasm of the former is punctuated by their equally rousing, accompanying gestures.  With the latter, the Sisters and the Elders sing their separate versions of the chorus near-simultaneously.   Then the last verse is sung more slowly and softly acapella style ending with the roaring chorus that, no doubt has the devil and his minions quaking in fear.

A great day!

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