Thursday, July 23, 2015

I’ve mentioned how pleasant it is to be stopped on the street or in a store and be recognized as LDS missionaries.  Of course, 80% of them are Mormons, though I am surprised as to how many are less active, and all want to know where we’re from, etc.  What is even more intriguing is the 20% non-members.  Usually, we’re engaged in business with them, e.g. they might be check-out clerks, waitresses, bank cashiers, and the like.  My barber is typical of these types.  He happens to be an old-time traditional Catholic (e.g. goes to Latin mass, etc.).  Anyway, once they discover that we are not proselytizing missionaries (of course, that’s part of every missionary assignment), and that we work as mentors, teachers, counselors, and grandparents for YSA be they college, military, or whatever, they are very receptive, even pleased that we’re there to help these young people through their daunting problems.  Such persons really seem to admire and respect us.

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