Monday, July 6, 2015

OH MY!!!  I was just talking to an old time Washington State resident who was reminiscing about the St. Helen's eruption back in 1980, the deadliest one ever in the U. S.

"Mighty glad it wasn't Mt. Rainer because the damage would have been three-times as bad!"

Intelligently, I responded, "Huh?"  Then went on my voice getting shriller and louder with each word, "Are you saying Rainer, that beautiful mountain we can see from our patio is a volcano?"


Perhaps noticing my growing apprehension, he explained, trying to calm my fears, "Of course, it's not a very active one."

Not very active, I screamed silently.  A freakin' active volcano is a freakin' active volcano!  I only want to know one other thing:  "How do I get a transfer?"

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